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Traditionally our company manufacture specific counting, feeding system, designed for every emerging type of product, needing different packagings, according to marketing requirements. Experience acquired in high speed handling of many types of products and the know-how of the field, gave us the ground to design a counting, feeding and conveyor system, specific for pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, capsules, pills and similar products.

To meet marketing necessities, it must be possible to pack these products either in large quantity package, for hospitals, communities, resale, ect.., and smalldoses for large distribution. Besides it is necessary, to account for assorted doses, with different types of product, for specific dieting prescriptions, etc. Also packings can be of different type, from glass or plastic containers of various shape and dimension, to bags, thermoformed trays, etc.

For all these requirements we are able t ooffer an efficient solution by a range of modular counting machines and container conveyors, selected to perform an efficient synchronized feed to packaging machines of new generation.

The counting unit, the core of the whole system, includes the patented vibrating group operating by multiple linear indipendent channels. The use of this manufacturing concept, of advanced technology, has made possible to attain a real “step-forward” on the way of maximum counting precision, of feeding speed, flexibility and operating reliability.