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Nuts Feeder Intermittent Module Motion & Nuts Feeder Continuous Module Motion

CAM Depositor

An achievement for the Confectionery Industry. An industrial electronic automated solution to the mechanical/manual performed task of placing individually almonds, nuts, raisins and other ingredients inside the chocolate mould’s cavities or on top of pralines, biscuits etc. An accomplishment to the worldwide demand for accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Modular: CAM
is sized for he mould dimension or production output. A variable number of channels and special distributors to deposit nuts, precisely where you want to place them.

Speed: CAM feeds few or thousands of almonds per minute. Output per channel up to 150 deposits/minute.

Flexibility: CAM can be digit adjusted to vary the number of pieces each deposit. Excellent operating efficiency, unaffected by product size.

Synchro-feeding: CAM operates in phase with the mould line conveyors, continuous or intermittent motion.

Accuracy: a major achievement – the rate of 99.8% can even be improved, by an Inspector & Placing System, thus reducing possible errors almost to zero value.

Easy to install: CAM System is a compact unit installed above the mould line.

Application: the number of equipments installed in recent years demonstrated a variety of possible applications for CAM Depositor in the chocolate, confectionery and food industries, to include a version to deposit surprise objects inside the chocolate egg shell.

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